Stay HUNGRY. Stay FOOLISH. I heard these from a wise man named Steve and have embraced them since 2012.  When I left my job to start a business some thought I was crazy. To give up guaranteed money and venture the unknown is risky, said some of my family and friends. But my desire to create something special and outside the norm was so overwhelming that I did not look back. Had my own ups and downs but I enjoyed the process. My faith was not anchored in my job or my business. It’s to a Man named Jesus. You might have heard of Him.

And so this page was built to serve a purpose. To be a resource of encouragement and inspiration. To guide fellow entrepreneurs who’ve had their own fair share of struggles. And ultimately to help you find your higher calling.

Wendell Daguno

CEO/Managing Director, Business Is Fun Club


People Come & Go

They Come & Go People in our lives come and go. Some so fast you'd wonder, how come? In a world where we get to meet strangers day in and day out this should just be a walk in the park. But at the end of the day, these people leave a mark. They become a part of your...

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The Boracay Summer Escapade!

My team of developers are currently working on something game changing. This involved partnering with thousands of businesses all over the country. Multiple industries have participated with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place to live in and making...

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Who Inspires You? Who Drives You To Be Better?

Inspire To Be Better There’s this commercial that said: “Para kanino ka ba gumigising?” (To whom do you wake up for?) The question looks really simple to answer. In fact, the first thing that comes to your mind is this: Who are the most important people in my life? If...

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Never Underestimate A Call Center Agent

Call Center I was at a conference recently and was having a conversation with an elderly businessman when he asked me how old I was. I said 33. His response was: “Buti ikaw naisipan mo mag negosyo. Yung iba sa edad mo, nagko-call center na lang…” (It’s  good that you...

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Traffic: A Traditional & Digital Marketing Playground

Traffic, Marketing & Advertising What do you do on the road when traffic is really bad when you are driving? Obviously, you can’t just use your phone and browse the World Wide Web, post a status in social media and rant about how bad the traffic situation is nowadays....

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Time Management: Why A Lot Of Us Struggle Bigtime

Time Management As soon as your alarm clock rings, you get up quickly, head to the bathroom to do your daily routine, dress up and get ready for work. You had to skip breakfast because you were anticipating traffic on your way to the office. Unfortunately, you get...

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CEO's Quotes
CEO's Quotes
CEO's Quotes


The Rotary Club of Manila Experience

Rotary Club of Manila When I am not in my office or in front of a computer, you can find me in coffee shops, tea houses or if lucky in random events around the Metro. And over the course of my work as a business solutions provider, I have met people and have forged...

Something To Look Forward To

Something To Look Forward To On my 4th Vlog, I have a very special guest. Been working with our very own Consul of Lebanon to the Philippines, Joe Assad, since last year and we are on the final phases of this big project. Watch this teaser for more info!...

Add Exercise To Your To Do List This 2017

Why Exercise? Manuel and I had our first exercise of the year. After eating a lot during the holiday season, to get back in shape will be a bit challenging. But you have to start somewhere, right? As a businessman, it is important for us to take care of our bodies....

I Want To Retire Early. What Do I Have To Do?

Why Retire Early? I wanted to do things freely by the time I turn 40. Seriously, who wouldn't want that? At 33, I got ample time to prepare for that. Here's my take on how I plan to do this in the next 7 years. Hope you learn something from this....