Company Name: Google
Industry: Internet Computer Software, Computer Hardware
Date Founded: 1995
Location: Googleplex, Mountain View, California, U.S.
Mission Statement: 
“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Successful is an understatement when your company name is being used as an everyday term. Google, which is now defined in the dictionary as a verb which means to “search for information on the internet using the search engine Google” is the perfect example of how a company can be so dedicated to its vision that it literally changes the world.

But what’s the story behind this company? What made them very successful? And more importantly, what principles can we learn about Google that we can apply to our business today? Let’s find out!

Google’s Story in a Nutshell

If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning. – Larry Page

If you’re a history buff and would like to see the year by year timeline of how Google emerged as an industry leader, you can check it here.

Much like Apple Inc., Google initially started as a small project between friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They met at Stanford University and who would have thought that this meeting will be a pivotal event that will affect each and every one of us. After some time, they started collaborating in their first project together wherein they worked on making an algorithm that can rank the internet pages according to their relevance. Back then, there was a lot of web pages and the ability to sort which ones were good and which ones were not seemed to be the biggest problem of the Internet.

“We believed we could build a better search. We had a simple idea that not all pages are created equal. Some are more important.” – Sergey Brin


Page and Brin developed Backrub to solve that problem, but after more than a year of it operating on the Stanford servers, it eventually took up too much bandwidth. In 1997, Page and Brin registered the domain – which was a wordplay in the term “googol” that means a number that is followed by 100 zeros.

Google then received its first funding of $100,000 from Andy Bechtolsheim who believed in Google’s vision. They used the fund to set up their first office and hired their first employee Craig Silverstein, who was a fellow graduate from Stanford. Then in 1999, another big funding came in ($25 Million) which helped the company get further with fulfilling its vision.

Year after year, Google steadily improved all of its services, pushing out more and more ways to help people get the best results when searching on the Web and more. They acquired Blogger, created Adsense,Gmail, AdWords, Google Maps, Google StreetView, Google Mobile Web Search, Google Analytics, Google Finance, Google Calendar and all the other services that we are using today.

Larry Page & Sergey Brin of Google

Larry Page & Sergey Brin during a magazine feature.

Success Principles that we can learn from Google:


Google Office in Zurich

Google is known for its amazing headquarters.

Define your business’ “Problem Worth Solving”

  • When Google started, what they have in mind is that what they were doing would greatly benefit others. In order to become successful in any business, we must understand that it’s not “all about the money”. Great businesses of today survive and become successful because they realize that what they are doing is not just for their own benefit, but it’s about how their business can create a positive impact in the world.

How about you? Have you defined your business in a way that it will be a way to serve others? Whether it’s a product or a service, businesses will flourish if its intent is outward, not inward.

Be a business that is dedicated to innovation

“Obviously everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be looked back on as being very innovative, very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world.” – Sergey Brin

  • In all the years that Google has been in the business, one can say that they are always developing something new. While it’s true that we should not fix something that is not broken – there is no written rule that we cannot improve our products and services to a changing culture and a developing world. Businesses needs to be ready to adapt to the changing times while still keeping true to its mission and vision.

Understand your core values, and make sure to live by it.

  • In order to fulfill our company’s vision and mission – we need to know what values we need to have in order to achieve our business’ purpose. For Google, they have their Top 10 Things we know to be true.

Core values are very important to any company. This defines the lines you should not cross and it also serves as your compass to success. Do you have your own set of core values? What ideas or philosophy do you want your business to share with its employees, customers and to the world?

Google changed the world – they are now the leading service provider of search, and they are with no question, will continue to become one of the trend setters in the World Wide Web. That is because they are totally committed to creating change through innovation, integrity and impact.

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