A Happy Wife

I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary a couple days ago, December 18th. And up to this day, I can still remember what it was like when I vowed to spend the rest of my life to the same woman back in 2011. It seems like it was just yesterday. I knew I had a happy wife then, and I know that even up to this day, she is happy with how our marriage turned out to be.

Of course, like everyone else’s, ours is not perfect. We had our own ups and downs. Petty quarrels here and there, disagreements… in fact, for the past five years, it made me realize how much differences we had. I didn’t think there was more to discover, after all, we’ve known each other long enough before we tied the knot. But then again, like a box of chocolates, there will always be surprises. I am pretty sure that my wife shares these same sentiments too.


My wife is my bestfriend, my confidante, my critic. Sometimes she’s like the best friend you wish you always had and then a few hours later, she transforms into the gradeschool guidance counselor you hate. It still amazes me up to this day how she does that! 🙂

But end of the day, I love her to death and that I could not see myself growing old with anyone else. I bet not everyone can say it publicly, but I can. And I am damn proud of it. We already have 3 kids and if this was a business, it’s a productive one! haha! It’s like having 3 restaurant branches in 5 years! Talk about ROI (return on investment).

My Happy Wife

Me and Andrea Ice Skating

My Happy Wife & Our Kids

Our growing family

But seriously, a happy wife is indeed a happy life. In fact, it’s one of the secrets I tell my businessman friends. If you want to have a successful venture, make sure that you have a happy wife too!

So why do I relate business to my marriage. You see, when I started Business Is Fun, I pitched the idea to my wife. In fact, when I decided to leave corporate, to open own my firm, I asked for her blessings. We literally built this business together at first. At one point, I was the thinker and she was the doer. It was a total team effort.

Fast forward to today, my wife is still part of the business, pretty much playing in the background only as a finance manager (I wonder why). But nevertheless, she is the support I always needed.

Going back to the title of this blog… why is a happy wife a really valuable business asset? Here’s my whys:

You Get Honest Opinions

When your day is over, you have to go home. Sometimes as a businessman, you tend to bring home some work too. In most cases, when your secretary or your project managers are no longer available, you ask your wife business questions she probably does not even have an idea of. She will try to answer in the sensible way she knows, in probably the most generic answer you can get, but you’ll be amazed how she hits that spot on. Imagine if you’re not in good terms, you cannot even ask a question!

There’s Always Food

A way to a man’s heart is through his tummy. A happy wife will cook for you. Will pack food for you on the road and heck, when you get home, too tired from work and all, on the verge of being “hangry”…(angry and hungry) Boom! There’s food on the table! Wow! That would put a smile on your face.

All In One Stress Reliever

Ever went home dead tired and body aching? Well, a happy wife takes care of all that. A massage on head, the back… relieves all those body aches you had from working hard. Best part, you may even get a bonus if she’s really really happy! 😉 Feeling sick? No problem! You got your own personal doctor from a happy wife.

If all the above does not give you an edge in business I don’t know what is. I am sharing this based on experiences. My business is barely 4 years old and my marriage just hit the 5th year.

Every time I do the math, my business is doing good because I have a happy wife. Period.

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