Inspire To Be Better

There’s this commercial that said:

“Para kanino ka ba gumigising?” (To whom do you wake up for?)

The question looks really simple to answer. In fact, the first thing that comes to your mind is this:

Who are the most important people in my life?

If you’re married, he/she may be your spouse. If you’re a parent, they may be your kid/kids. If you’re a son/daughter, they may be your mom & dad. And the list goes on. Simply put, your priorities in life may depend on who you value the most. They inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Most recently, my wife gave birth to our 3rd baby, a healthy 6 pound little girl. My excitement was just the same when we had our first and second. Of course, I cannot help but get nervous too! I mean, we all know what it’s like for the mother and the baby during child birth. But I trusted God that all will be well and that both of them will be safe throughout the process. 

We really cannot under value what our wives, or moms, and every woman go thru during pregnancy and child birth. We can’t help ourselves but be impressed, amazed and love them even more. And I think they deserve all the pampering after. Ahhh, the beauty of life! 

My wife and I named our baby girl Ava Grace which means “living grace”. We as a family believe that grace is a big reason why we are where we are today. We take the time to enjoy moments, days and experiences that happen in our lives. God’s given us His grace, the privilege and responsibility to be parents to this little one and we’ll never take this for granted. 

Welcome to the world Ava Grace Daguno

So going back to the question…

“Para kanino ka ba gumigising?” (To whom do you wake up for?)

I think you already have an idea who’s mine. I ventured into business to ensure my wife and my kids get a good life. We may all have our different interpretations of “a good life”, but nevertheless, as a businessman, family is my utmost priority. I can afford to loose my company, my business for the sake of my family but I cannot compromise my family for my business. That’s just non-negotiable. 

I go home late nights, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning from work, dead tired, with my wife and kids sleeping. It’s a beauty for me to behold. As long as they can all sleep peacefully and soundly… I am good! 😉

Life is uncertain and we may not know what the future holds, but my family knows who holds our future.

With that, I just wake up every morning, get my big butt out to work for them; something they can all get assurance of. It may be hard and challenging, but giving up was never an option. 

How about you?

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