Rotary Club of Manila

When I am not in my office or in front of a computer, you can find me in coffee shops, tea houses or if lucky in random events around the Metro. And over the course of my work as a business solutions provider, I have met people and have forged relationships with most, if not, all of them. That’s why I tell my colleagues that we’re not really dealing with businesses directly but rather people. Which is why taking care of these relationships are important. Thru this principle, I have had an opportunity to establish friendship with Mr. Joe Assad whom I have been working with on an exciting project. Today was one of those random events that I got to attend. Joe had me as a guest for the Rotary Club of Manila lunch meeting. 

Before I went to the event, I did some research that really captured my interest. One of Rotary Club of Manila’s objective says:

The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian of his occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

This made me excited knowing that I will be in a room full of influential people. Seldom do you get the privilege to be in such a group and I was honored just to be around. The better part of the day was learning from the guest speaker that day. Dr. Bernardo Villegas, a known economist in the country. He spoke about the uptrend in the country’s economy and the factors that will contribute to its growth. 

Good food, good company and a number of learnings and takeaways. What more can I ask?

Summed up my January 12, 2017.


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Rotary Club of Manila is a group of influencers who vowed to impact change in their respective communities.