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Social Media has really grown tremendously through the years. If you haven’t utilized this for your business up to this day, well, you are missing a lot. What gets talked about, what gets noticed, what gets experienced, they all appear in social media. I am sure this thing does not need any expounding. We now live in a social world!

With these facts at hand, how do we make the most of social media this new year? Three things remain the same…


Focus On The Top Platforms

With a lot of social media channels to choose from, it’s essential to focus your efforts on a few. Our recommendation is to stick with the most popular social media platforms.  Now listen, you don’t have to have a profile or a presence in all… it’s important to understand whether your target audience are really in them. You don’t want to be wasting precious time on one social media channel that may not even have the people you want to send your messages to. As much as possible, stick with 3 to 4 only.

Social Media

Good insights about social media. (photo from Accion)

Content Is Still Key

Social media content was, is and will always be the “king.” The things that get shared, the ones “john smith” tells his friends about, those are the contents that matter. Social media is about virality. So put work on making good quality content.

Fun & Entertainment

You can shoot a “vlog” with a really low quality phone camera and still have a viral post. Happens most of the time.The “studio” quality videos are good, but they get shared less often than those amateur or naturally shot videos. The authenticity of these raw videos seem to appeal the  mass majority. What’s the difference? For one, they are mostly fun and entertaining.

Simply put, when you post something that made someone smile, that person shares to her friends hoping that it would brighten their days too. When you watch a video and had a good laugh, you want to tell your friends about it too, don’t you? In a world full of worries, bad news and problems, sometimes, these contents, even temporary, are appreciated in Social Media. A fair warning though: stay away from offensive posts. Sometimes, albeit entertaining, they may be better shared privately.

Create a Calendar

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to create your social media calendar. Some would recommend that you post as frequently or as much as you can. Well, here’s what I have to say… 

The most important thing is not the number of posts shared but how many have seen and interacted with them.

You see, the logic behind here is simple. you want your posts to reach as the people who are willing to listen. So you have to do some research before you plot your schedules. Make sure you know when and what time your audience are mostly online. You want to catch them on their idle time when they are mostly engaging.

After you’re done with your study, have your contents ready.



Social Media Calendar

Your social media calendar can be a simple spreadsheet that tells you when you are posting a content and what type or category they fall into. Be sure to have variations. You don’t want to bore your audience with the same themes and storylines, so being creative is a competitive edge.

Final Words

Quite frankly, what you just read seem nothing different from what you may have been doing last year or the way before but in reality, although the principles are just the same, your style should be different. Just like fashion, your way of communicating in social media should change yearly. If you were boring last time, make it more fun this 2017. If you were already fun last year, how about making it more educational and informative this time around? What I’m saying is… look at social media as your way of sharing stories to your family, friends and audience. The more personal and authentic they are, the more they’d listen.

May you have an aweseom 2017 in your social media engagement! Remember, there’s no such thing as “too late” in business strategies but rather, “open opportunities”. Happy New Year! 😉


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